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My Past



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I was born in Alton Il.

and lived in Delhi Il. until I was in the 3rd grade. we move to Grafton Il. where I grew up skateboarding and snowboarding to pass the time. When I hit my teens I started using drugs and made a mess of my life. I stopped using when my first son was born in 2000. During this time I married for the first time and began a career in Cable TV/Satellite. After 3 years we divorced and I turned to smoking pot. I made one hell of a mess when I got two girls pregnant within 2 months of each other, however I wouldn't trade Kaylee and Jacob for anything. I met another woman and fell for her and again got married, BIG MISTAKE!!! this marriage ended after a few months, well I'm still waiting for the divorce. Fortunately I Stopped smoking pot and got on the right medication and got my life back on track. I met my new girlfriend almost a year ago and have been happy since.

Grafton Grade School T-Ball Team 5th Grade

I owe my life to my kids, I couldn't have made it through my illness without them.
This is for you Trenton, Conor, Kaylee, Jacob, and the new arrival Rylee.

Me and My Kids My Kids







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