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My Past



My Hobbies


My Hobbies

I am a Gamer at heart!

I play America's Army, Battlefield 2, and Lord Of The Rings mostly but I am always checking out new games.

America's Army Logo BF2 LOTR





I have been skateboarding and snowboarding since I was little, no reason to stop yet!

I love to work with computers fixing, building, and pimping them out with lights and sometimes even case modifications.

I also love to work with Photoshop, I was appointed to the graphics team in the gaming clan I belong to. Here is some of my work.

welcome cake albanian eagle's sig T-bones sig Background I Made

I also enjoy video editing and creation. I use a program called Fraps to capture my game play and edit it using moviemaker.


I also write my own music using a program called FL studios 6 and have been a musician in a few bands.
here is a sample of my favorite music and some of my own songs as well...








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